Kedai Glemer (tupperwareglemer@blogspot.com) provide various of product as listed below;-

A well known high quality product of Tupperware sells here with a great offer. We will upload Tupperware catalog for each campaign. NOW available catalog 1/2011 (East Malaysia)

Prelovede & Baby Bundle Cloths
We provide preloved & baby's bundle cloths in various brands such as Anakku, Pigeon, Carter's, Tenderly and much more. Please be inform that buyers must accept the condition of the good. Biasalah, kalau bundle tu tidaklah sesempurna baju baru :)

Mum's Bundle Cloths
We also sells mum's bundle cloths for a very value for money to have. (Belum sempat ambil gambar for this items.. bz sikit la. But, wait yaa.. will upload it a.s.a.p :P

H.A.P.P.Y S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G with us..

Aya Chalo